Benoît DÉHU,8th generation of a line of winegrowers, has been developing for fifteen years champagnes more and more precise and representative of Pinot Meunier on terroirs located in the extreme west of the Marne Valley.


Benoît has the unique opportunity both to manage the estate and to explore his passion for naturally grown, handmade and artisanal champagnes under his own label, Champagne Benoît Déhu. With his vision towards natural viticulture and a desire to understand in depth the potential of the Meunier grape variety, he exploits vines of choice in biodynamics,some of which are worked on horseback. From these vines, he develops a mono-varietal, mono-vintage and mono-varietal Champagne called "La Rue des Noyers",named after the plot that was once lined with hazelnut trees (Noyers). The wine is fermented and aged in oak barrels,many of which come from trees in the nearby Fossoy forest. From this same plot, Benoît also produces a white and red Coteaux Champenois. All three wines are made from 100% Meunier. This extremely targeted micro-project allows Benoît to better understand the Meunier grape variety through three distinct expressions of the Meunier of the same terroir.

Benoît has introduced two new Champagnes to his arsenal. L'Initiation is a blend of Meunier from La Rue des Noyers and Pinot Noir from a small plot dominated by clay and sand at the bottom of the hill, which Benoît planted from the Pommard clone of Burgundy massal selection. The second addition, L'Orme,is made up of 100% Pinot Noir from a tiny plot previously planted with elms (Elm), and captures the attributes of complexity, personality and class that make Déhu champagnes so alluring.

Benoît's style of low and zero dosage wines is intense, with a beautiful tension and minerality.

  • Creation of the domain: 1787
  • Soil: Marl-limestone
  • Grape varieties : 70% Meunier – 20% Chardonnay – 10% Pinot Noir
  • Work of the vine: Reasoned viticulture
  • Surface : 10 ha
  • Production: 4000 bottles