It has been five generations, almost two centuries, that the house that now houses the Champagnes JL Vergnon is in our family. It was first the headquarters of regnault frères, wine and alcohol merchants. In the following century, Jean-Louis inherited it from his parents.
In 1950, he recreated the vineyard on the slopes of the CĂ´te des Blancs, in Mesnil sur Oger. Immediately a cooperator, he decided after a few years to develop his own Champagnes, pure Chardonnay, out of passion for the work of the wine bunch. A philosophy will guide him: to produce, thanks to his exceptional vines, exceptional wines. His ardor will be curbed by the sudden disappearance in 1977 of the eldest of his boys, Bruno, promised to succeed him.

It was not until 1985 that he made his first wines, which were immediately noticed and distinguished by a "Coup de Coeur" from the Hachette Wine Guide two years later for his first Extra-Brut.
Disappeared too early in 1989, his example still serves us today as a model. Our champagnes, from the vineyard, are made in our house in Mesnil sur Oger with the concern for the tradition perpetuated thanks to the know-how he bequeathed to us. His wife, Monique and the youngest of their children, Alain will extend this implementation.

At the head of the Domaine since 1999, Didier Vergnon is ardently pursuing this path that he has traced with the same love of a job well done. Surrounded by a loyal and experienced team, a new generation joins the estate to perpetuate this legacy. Clément,the third generation, and Julian Goût,oenologist.


The estate extends over several terroirs to offer you singular and typical cuvĂ©es of our house. We take care to work each plot to select the best combination of our vineyard. Mono-raw, plot, blend…

Most of our vineyard is located in the town of Mesnil sur Oger, classified Grand Cru, Blanc de Blancs. Renowned for the excellence of its vineyards, this village welcomes only the Chardonnay grape variety, which gives its wines finesse and elegance. We also benefit from vines in the terroirs of Oger and Avize, Grands Crus of the CĂ´te des Blancs.
To complete our estate, part of the vineyard is planted in Premier Cru, in the nearby villages of Vertus and Villeneuve.

In the JL Vergnon estate, we only grow Chardonnay by assembling about twenty plots. Planted mainly with old vines, with varied exposures with an average age of more than thirty years, they allow us to obtain this regularity in our Champagnes.
With the desire to preserve nature and the environment, we work with a reasoned viticulture in our vineyard. Herbicides have not been used for about fifteen years, the grass is left free in the plots, treatments are limited. To promote this approach, we have obtained the HVE 3 label (High Environmental Value).


"Our qualitative and reasoned approach in the cultivation of soils, avoiding as much as possible the use of pesticide products in the maintenance of the vineyard, a thoughtful pruning and a contained and qualitative grassing of the vine, a permanent monitoring naturally leads us to lower yields.

We then make sure to obtain a maximum and ideal maturity of our grapes at harvest time. This approach will lead us to the production of wines balanced in vinosity and finesse.

With this simple, natural vinification and a malolactic fermentation carefully avoided to release the fruity power of the wine, we also endow it with a great aging capacity as well as a beautiful length in the mouth preceded by a frank attack."


"During the harvest, which is exclusively manual, we press the bunches the same day using a traditional vertical press. After settling, the different musts are divided between our stainless steel vats and oak barrels.

It is from this moment and after a long period of attention, care and patience in our winery, that we will conduct the second fermentation in the bottle and let them age in our cellars, at least three years."

Then comes the moment of disgorging. A minimum dosage, between 0 for Brut Nature and 5 g./l for Brut, gives them the true expression of this typicity specific to the terroir, with this vivacity, nervousness and incomparable finesse of Chardonnay.

The bottles will wait several more months, or even years in the coolness of the cellars, before being dressed, ready to be shipped.

  • Creation of the domain: 1950
  • Conduct of the domain: Didier and his son ClĂ©ment Vergnon
  • Grapes: Chardonnay 100% and Pinot Noir from Mailly Grand Cru (RosĂ©motion)
  • Villages: Mesnil s/ Oger, Oger, Avize, Vertus, Villeneuve and Mailly Grand Cru
  • Plots : 20 (Les Hautes Mottes, Les Chetillons, Mussettes, Chemin de Flavigny …)
  • Surface : 5 ha
  • Production: 60000 bottles/year

Michelin star-1.svgMichelin star-1.svgMichelin star-1.svgL'Assiette Champenoise, by Arnaud Lallement (Tinqueux)

Michelin star-1.svgMichelin star-1.svgMichelin star-1.svgPierre Gagnaire, by Pierre Gagnaire (Paris 8)

Michelin star-1.svgMichelin star-1.svgMichelin star-1.svgL'Arpège, by Alain Passard (Paris 7)

Michelin star-1.svgMichelin star-1.svgMichelin star-1.svg  AM, by Alexandre Mazzia (Marseille)

Michelin star-1.svgMichelin star-1.svg  Le Taillevent, by Jocelyn Herland (Paris 8)

Michelin star-1.svgMichelin star-1.svg  Les Crayères, by Philippe Mille (Reims)

Michelin star-1.svgMichelin star-1.svg  Michel Sarran, by Michel Sarran (Toulouse)

Michelin star-1.svgApicius, by Mathieu Pacaud (Paris 8)

Michelin star-1.svg  The Millennium, by Hervé Raphanel (Reims)

Michelin star-1.svg  La Table du 11, by Jean-Baptiste Lavergne-Morazzani (Versailles)

Michelin star-1.svg  H, by Hubert Duchenne (Paris 4)

Michelin star-1.svg  Helen (Paris 8)

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