Identity champagnes from countries, real wines of gastronomy

For Simon and Marie Normand, who learned all the winemaker's gestures from their parents and at the same time to cultivate respect for the vines inherited from their forefathers, wine can only be an extension of the careful work done in the plots over the seasons. All have their own characteristics and the grapes given by these vines reveal particular aromas related to the typicality of the soil and grape varieties used, some planted for several decades.

"A vine has a unique history and all together within Domaine La Borderie we have carried out a reflection around the identity traits of each of the cultivated plots in order to develop wines in a logic of very extensive parcel selection. We reason terroir and especially micro-terroir," explain the brother and sister. Purists, they are anxious to know their grapes in every detail of their expression to design the assemblages that, in their eyes — to their nose and mouth, too! — will produce the best wines.Gastronomy wines from around the world!

"Wine must be a moment of accessible pleasure."

Jean-Louis and Odile have turned their children into "flavour seekers" and they accompany them in this quest for identity that has already given birth to beautiful vintages. The gastronomic wines thus developed are intended for a target of enlightened amateurs. This is confirmed by the great chefs of wineries invited to participate in the tastings of the estate, to discover the taste harmonies proposed around food and wine pairings without esbroufe, relying just on the essentials.

  • Domain creation: 2013
  • Surface: 11 ha (1.5 ha for Domaine wines)
  • Grapes: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Blanc
  • Bottles/year: 10,000
  • Villages: Bar-sur-Seine, Merrey-sur-Arce, Ville-sur-Arce, Neuville-sur-Seine
  • Plots: 20
  • Various: Certified HVE (High Environmental Value) and "Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne"