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100% Beaunay Slopes of petit Morin

"A real work of patience and passion"


The Oudiette x Filles style is an authentic, fine, refined style that draws its strength and elegance from its Champagne terroir.

In love with this terroir, we rediscover daily the richness and strength of our soils that share their most beautiful secrets.

There is nothing more pleasant than walking through our vineyards, watching them blossom over the seasons, to understand the wonderful history of this land.

It is a real work of patience and passion.
This mastery of the land that we have acquired is a subtle mixture of "peasant common sense" inherited from our ancestors and the contributions of new knowledge and new technologies.


Beaunay is a small village located in the slopes of Petit Morin, Here, the coast curves, it creates undulations, it forms promontories, circuses that ensure beautiful exposures to each of our plots. On these chalk soils formed millions of years ago, our plots cap this very special terroir of Champagne.

We cultivate 8 of our plots and the 3 Champagne grape varieties, all facing south-south east and south west on different types of soils. The 9th and oldest of our estate is located in the Marne Valley in Celles-lès-Condé.

Sometimes clayey, sometimes loamy, the different soils of our plots offer our grapes their specificity that allow us to ensure all the typicity of our wines. Our 3 grape varieties of Champagne, Pinot noir, Meunier, Chardonnay, enjoy every day the richness and variety of these soils and subsoils.


What better way to translate our love of the vine than to express it through a wine?

This first cuvée is the result of a passionate work of three generations. Without our ancestors, the vines would not have been able to offer us these magnificent grapes.

We pay particular attention to our vineyard and the production of our grapes. Not very interventionist, we let our wines live and we adapt each year our vinification in order to reveal all their nature and express our terroir as well as possible.

To elaborate our champagnes and gently reveal their aromas, we have chosen to use Burgundy barrels from several wines.

Two women, one passion
Two sisters, one generation
  • Creation of the domain: 2015
  • Conduct of the domain: Margot x Charlotte
  • Grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier
  • Villages: Beaunay, Celles-lès-CondĂ©
  • Plots : 9
  • Surface : 2,5 ha
  • Production: 3234 bottles/year
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