Périne Baillette Chartogne, is now the owner of the family Champagne in the village of Trois-Puits.She lives and breathes for her wines.She has also perfectly managed to express with talent each terroir of each cuvée.

The family now owns 3.65 hectares of Grand Cru and produces around 13,000 bottles.
Most of the grapes (35 years old) come from Rilly la Montagne and Trois Puits, there is also Chardonnay from Verzenay Grand Cru.
Since 2010, no pesticides have been used on the vines.She also tries to use as few machines as possible to keep the vines growing wild. 

But two horses (Tarzan and Saumur) often walk in the vineyard.These horses belong to her husband, Alexandre Chartogne, who today runs the famous Chartogne-Taillet Champagne House in Merfy.

  • Conduct of the domain: Perine Chartogne
  • Grapes: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier
  • Villages: Trois-Puits, Rilly la Montagne, Verzenay
  • Area: 3.65 ha
  • Production: 13,000 bottles
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