4th and 5th generation of winegrowers-owners

📍 Festigny, Marne Valley


"Yesterday, today, tomorrow. Five generations driven by the same passion: to promote a terroir conducive to the Meunier, to sign our wines with our winegrower's identity."

The Marne Valley is known for having clay-limestone, marl-limestone soils with a high concentration of clay. Paradoxically, Festigny being a terroir purely anchored in the Marne Valley stands out for its more chalky soils than other nearby terroirs. Making this village a unique and atypical terroir.

The values of the Domaine are rooted in the close relationship that Thierry had with his grandfather Henri, then the birth of a fusional complementarity between Thierry and Murielle. Henri was an earthling attached to technical progress and the enhancement of the Domaine, committed to a process of development of the vineyard.



"Always see the present by looking to the future."

The result obtained is a unique product. The reflection of the identity of Champagne Fournier: "These are our choices, our gestures and our bottled history."

The entire vineyard is conducted in reasoned viticulture with a long-term environmental project. Respect for soil and culture is as much an ecological project as it is a quality imperative. A point favoring perspectives both for the blends and for the depth of the wines over time.

Parents and sons share a great passion for wine, with the ambition to create champagnes of great precision around the Meuniergrape variety. New winemaking ideas are underway, with projects for vinification and aging in oak barrels and much more…

It is with the support of his brother Maxime that Julien joined the Domaine team in 2020 after studying wine business and experiences abroad. A generation equipped with a real identity,a flourishing oenological creativity, holding strong environmental requirements. Their arrival marks the opening of a new page full of projects following the installation, in 2007-2008, of a new winery equipped with thermo-regulated tanks and a latest-generation press. This new decade is the sign of many projects at stake… #moretocome


"Champagne, an idyllic place to make great wines above all."

"We are very attached to the terroir of the Marne Valley where the Meunier grape variety is fully expressed. In fact, the Meunier takes the largest place in our vineyards and in our Champagne blends. The result is a unique and typical wine, aromatic and structured.

In addition to the variety of grape varieties (Meunier, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir) there is a diversity of soils and exhibitions. Each plot gives a different grape, offering us a wide range of tastes and characteristics to produce high quality wines.

The more diversity of Terroir and keys to our harvest, the greater the precision in the elaboration of our wines.

Our winemaking methods are part of the respect of time. We offer an above-average aging time on slats in order to bring more finesse and complexity."

Each bottle of champagne remains sheltered, in the cellars, at least four years before disgorging. This aging time brings more structure to the wines, which can even bring notes of undergrowth, or even a very subtle veil of roasting.

  • Creation of the domain: 1933
  • Grapes: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Meunier
  • Villages: Marne Valley (Festigny, Leuvrigny, Oeuilly…) & CĂŽte des Blancs
  • Plots : 45 (spread over 11 communes)
  • Surface : 14 ha
  • Bottles/year: 45,000

Instant Terroir, by Alexandre Fortune (Ay)

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