Sydonios is a young French brand that produces unleaded crystal lenses.

"With incredible finesse, blown to the mouth in the purest tradition of the great bohemian glassmakers, Sydonios wine glasses combine wine precision and extreme lightness."

The Sydonios glasses and decanters are unique in their finesse and lightness from a new scientific project involving more than 100 professionals from the world of fine wines.

The unrivalled wine precision of the Racine collection has been developed through a scientific approach, involving more than a hundred professionals from the world of fine wines.

Their work began with the meeting of experts from the world of wine to analyze with them the variables of the glass impacting the tasting.

From these exchanges were born 7 models, all tested by a panel of 100 professional tasters. Only the 3 most accurate glasses were selected.

The Terroir collection, directly inspired by the scientific work of the Racine collection, is the result of a close collaboration with the Parisian sommelier Pierre Vila Palleja.

Several months of testing and some thirty prototypes were necessary to express the nuances of terroirs and climates faithfully.

These tastings revealed the importance of defining this collection by 3 precise profiles of glasses.

Two decanter models have also been created, based on the two lenses: The Universal and the Aesthete


Sydonios glasses go to the dishwasher. Put them alone and without product with a hot water cleaning.


For a hand wash, soak for a few minutes in hot water with a little diluted gel soap or white vinegar. Do not put dishwashing liquid. Avoid temperature differences between washing and rinsing.


We recommend that the drying be done manually with a dry, clean cloth if possible in microfiber. Be careful to hold the glass by the paraison and not by the foot so as not to break the leg.

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